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  • F2F Kadosjop

    The Famtofam shop was established in 2013 by Jantsje Hoekstra from Eastermar. She started to collect and sell second-hand goods and so she managed to create extra income. At the moment the shop raises more than € 2000 a year for Famtofam.

    Click here to find the F2f Kadosjop.

    Lately a new and amusing activity has been developed: the bow parasol. Click here for a complete description.

    Your help to make the shop an even bigger success would be very welcome. If you have the skills to create anything that may be sold in the shop, please contact us. If you know of an event, fair or fete where the shop could be present, contact us. If you have any other ideas to help Famtofam, let us know.

    Contact Jantsje Hoekstra at kadosjop@famtofam.nl. Or give her a ring: 0512 471558