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  • What do we stand for?

    Famtofam wants to help people who live in grinding poverty and in very bad conditions.

    Famtofam performs its task in the area where in 1988 a terrible earthquake completely destroyed the town of Gyumri. For people who even after almost 30 years still have to live in containers and have to get by on a few pennies. Famtofam focuses on the children in this process. Famtofam wants to enable them to be educated in order to improve their opportunities for a better future.

    We stand for: making a difference
    We want to make a difference by offering direct financial support so that the poorest children can be educated. The periodical contributions of sponsors will be paid fully to the families.

    We stand for: independence
    We decide where financial support is given and who gets it. Th aim of our entire organization is to give this support: independent and on the spot. Famtofam is strictly neutral, so therefore not bound by any social organization, church or charity.