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  • What do we do?

    Famtofam supports the poorest children in Gyumri (Armenia) and as a result the whole family with financial means to go to school.

    In the Netherlands sponsors (families, institutions, etc) are approached for the support of a child(between 4 and 18) in Gyumri. Periodically Famtofam receives the money of these sponsors which is subsequently transferred to a Famtofam bankaccount in Armenia. The families take out this money after having identified themselves with the bank.

    Emergency help
    In addition tot his Famtofam helps out in emergencies. In these situations money is at once available in Gyumri. Famtofam contacts buy (mostly) food and/or firewood for this money and deliver it in the right place.

    Scholarship fund
    Famtofam has created a scholarship fund for students who have the talent and desire to go to university, but not the means. All 6 universities in Gyumri have been visited and informed about the Famtofam Fund, that offers a scholarship for four years.  The first student has been selected and started her studies in November 2018.