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  • Emergency aid

    Families in heartbreaking circumstances may ask for assistance from Famtofam’s Emergency Aid. This Emergency Aid maily consists of delivering food parcels and firewood.

    A number of years ago Famtofam expanded its activities with socalled Emergency Aid. This is concrete aid to families living in heartbreaking circumstances and in direct need of aid. This concerns always aid in kind and never financial support (as in the sponsorship programme). Common aid is the handing out of food with much nutritional value and firewood for the containers during winter (which may be severe) in Armenia. Temperatures of minus 20 degrees Celsius are no exception then. Contacts of Famtofam in Armenia themselves decide whether they are dealing with “heartbreaking situations”and they decide if Emergency Aid is given or not. They take initiatives and put together food parcels and deliver them at the right address. They are accountable for each situation to the Board of Famtofam.

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