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  • Hatsik School

    The first contacts between Famtofam and the Christelijke Basisschool De Wraldpoarte in Garyp date from November 2016 and in April 2017 we were invited to present our activities and projects to all children.

    In 2017 during Lent they held a fundraising activity for Famtofam. The whole Protestant church community participated and the fantastic sum of € 5,300 was raised. This sum was spent on the primary school in Hatsik, a small village 5 kilometers from Gyumri. The school buildings were in a poor state of repair and so it was decided to use the money for the restoration of some of the class rooms during the winter.

    A group of young people in the Protestant parish of Achlum/Hitzum also raised money to pay for the transportation of discarded school furniture from the Netherlands to Hatsik.

    In May 2018 a delegation of the board went again to the school in Hatsik to check how the money had been spent and were received festively by the very grateful school leaders. Not only had class rooms been renovated and furnished with “new” desks and chairs, but 4 garden benches had also been installed.

    For photos of this trip, click here, and a film is shown on  https://youtu.be/TFc7IsG4ZQA

    If you are interested in similar projects contact Mr Elle Hoekstra on 0031 6 11 34 77 52, or at communicatie@famtofam.nl