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  • Introduction

     Famtofam is involved with various projects. These are one off actions in support of institutions and people within our work area.

    Thus, in the past, the following projects were realized:

    • Sending equipment and setting up a bakery in a boarding school
    • A potato growing project
    • Sending machinery and setting up a woodwork ‘factory’
    • The restoration of a gymnasium in a boarding school


    During the past few years the following schools have been supported:

    1. A school in Vahramaberd (by CBS De Paedwizer, a school in St. Nicolaasga)
    2. An orphanage in Gyumri (by the VGKN church in Harkema)
    3. A school in Hatsik (By CBS De Wrâldpoarte, a school in Garyp)

    The money for these schools was collected in the Netherlands and Famtofam made sure that the money went to the correct place. The  Armenian school management and the Famtofam delegation bought all the necessary materials that the school needed in Armenia, and assurance is given that all monies are well spent and that the local economy is supported.

    if you know of a school that is interested in such a project, please contact our Pr & Communication Board member Mr Elle Hoekstra on 0031 6 11 34 77 52, or at communicatie@famtofam.nl .