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  • The Gyumri Orphanage

    In 2016 the Voortgezette Gereformeerde Kerk (VGKN) in Harkema conducted an envelope campaign among its members. This resulted in the amazing amount of € 1,450, which Famtofam spent on the ‘Fridtjof Nansen’ orphanage in Gyumri.

    It was agreed with the church that the money would be spent on urgently needed articles for the orphanage, where 90 children with no parents (or whose parents are in difficulties) are taken care of.

    On the Monday morning the delegation was received by the Director of the orphanage for a “getting to know each other” meeting and in the afternoon we went into Gyumri with the management on a shopping expedition. Amongst other articles we purchased 2 bookcases, a chest of drawers, 25 blankets, 50 plates, 20 pairs of trainers and 10 tracksuits. On the Thursday afternoon we returned to the orphanage to see with our own eyes that everything had been delivered and was already in use. This turned into a party atmosphere and the children treated us to a display of song and dance. We were given 2 Smyrna rugs, which had been made by 2 boys.

    With the videos and photos made a report was given to the school and church in Harkema about what precisely the money was spent on and the 2 rugs were presented as a permanent reminder of the visit.

    This is once again an example of Famtofam’s  ‘Direct help for Armenian children’. All the money that had been collected was really spent in Armenia.

    Click here to see the photos of this project.

    The film that was made of our visit to the orphanage is to be found at www.famtofam.nl/orphanage

    If you are interested in such a project, please get in touch with our Pr & Communication Board member Mr Elle Hoekstra on 0031 6 11 34 77 52, or at communicatie@famtofam.nl .