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  • Sponsorprogram Children

    Direct aid to children is Famtofam’s focus. The core of our efforts is to find sponsors in the Netherlands, who are prepared to support a child financially each month.

    Sponsors are families, but also businesses, clubs or religious organizations and they may support one child or more.

    Monthly we collect € 15 per sponsored child by direct debit and the complete sum is then put  in our account with the local branch of the ARDSHIN bank in Gyumri. Arrangements have been made with the bank to ensure that the money ends up in the right places.

    Each month the parent/guardian of the child concerned goes to the bank and takes out the € 15 (without any costs being deducted). The bank only releases the money when the parent or guardian has proved their identity with their passport.

    This way sponsors may rest assured their money ends up in the right place.

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    We are constantly looking for new sponsors so that we can help even more children in Armenia

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