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Helping children is central to Famtofam. The financial contributions of Famtofam enable children to go to school.

From the beginning of Famtofam, children are at the heart of Famtofam. After the earthquake in 1988, a number of children spent 3 weeks on holiday in the Netherlands. A nice initiative to offer immediate help. Insufficient, however, to organize structural assistance.

In the years that followed, Famtofam started to financially support the children in Armenia. The central aim was and is to enable children to follow education, even if the circumstances are still so bad. Children can be included in the sponsor program from the age of 4 years. The program is terminated at the age of 18.

Families in the Netherlands were asked to financially support a child over there. Famtofam collects a sum of money per sponsored child (at least € 15 per month) that is entirely at the disposal of the child in question (and his family). Obviously it is possible to support multiple children. We are happy to tell you all the possibilities.

But also families, organizations, institutions, churches etc can sponsor one or more children

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We are constantly looking for new sponsors so that we can help even more children in Armenia

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