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  • Scholarship fund

    The Famtofam Scholarship Fund grants scholarships to young people (under certain conditions) so that they are financially able to follow a university education .

    When young people reach the age of 18 the sponsoring program comes to an end. That is also when they finish their  secondary education. Until recently they were at this point ‘abandoned’ by Famtofam and left to their own devices.

    Since 2018 young people who have the capacity and ambition to continue their studies at university, but who do not have the financial means to do so, may apply to the Famtofam Scholarship Fund for financial support.

    Click here for more information on the Fund.

    In  May 2018 the governing body of Famtofam visited all 6 universities in Gyumri and presented their plans. Agreements were made about working together. There is a short film of the visit to Shirak State University, which you see here.

    Famtofam are continually looking for people and organizations who would be willing to sponsor a student through the Fund. If you are interested please contact our PR & Communication Board member Mr Elle Hoekstra on 00 31 6 11 34 77 52 or by email at communicatie@famtofam.nl .