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  • Newsletter 2020

    What did Famtofam do in 2020?

    2020 was also a year like no other for Famtofam. Corona and a war for Nagorno Karabakh also continued for our Armenian families over the past year. In this newsletter Famtofam reports on its activities in the past year 2020.

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    Famtofam is looking for new child sponsors

    When a child sponsor ends the sponsorship, the sponsorship of the child in question is never terminated. Financial support for the child will be continued on the same footing and the costs will be payed by by Famtofam’s general resources. The number of child sponsors has decreased in the past year. As a result, the number of children dependent on Famtofam has increased to more than 30. That is why we are looking for new sponsors. You can be a sponsor for just € 15 per month. Help us Help and sign up as a new sponsor now.

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