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  • GDPR

    Your personal data at Famtofam
    This is a complete list of how Famtofam collects and stores personal data, and why.
    What are personal data? Every piece of information that identifies a person. Also your personal email address and telephone number.

    Relationships and sponsors
    We must be able to invoice, contact and verify our business relations (whichever form). For this we collect name and address details, contact details, company details.
    Relationships with which we have contact (and their possible sponsor child), we make notes and reports about that. So that we know what’s going on. This data is not shared with anyone outside Famtofam.
    We store digitally supplied information. With this we can send our relations information again, verify a fact or answer a question. We keep this data for a long time, up to ten years.
    Are you not in agreement with Famtofam as above? Then of course we would like to hear that. Options are:
    If requested, we sign a non-disclosure agreement or give a statement by email.
    We are sending the files that we have now, for verification.
    We can explicitly agree that notes, reports, supplied input, will be removed from us at a certain moment. For this we ask for confirmation by email, because we really do not have a version ‘somewhere’ after that. Gone is gone.
    Famtofam works in the cloud through Google Suite and Evernote.
    Evernote complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). More info can be found here: https://evernote.com/intl/nl/privacy/gdpr
    Google suite is GDPR proof. More info can be found here: https://cloud.google.com/security/gdpr/

    Website – Cookies and Google Analytics
    The Famtofam website uses cookies for various reasons. Technically so that your website works analytically so that you as a website owner understand your traffic and commercial so that you can follow visitors outside your website and show ads.
    We use cookies as follows:
    Cookie notice: you will be informed that famtofam.nl uses cookies.
    Cookie list: here you will find the cookies that Famtofam uses on 1 May 2018.


    Find cookies
    For Google Chrome: go to menu top right in / More Tools / Developer Tools. (or CTRL + SHIFT + I) An additional window appears at the bottom. Click on the Resources tab and a list appears. Click on Cookies to see the cookies. For cookies in Internet Explorer we refer to Microsoft. For cookies in Firefox see Mozilla. Do you use some exotic browser? Google to “find cookies [browser name]”

    The first three cookies are for Google. This allows Famtofam to measure visitor behavior (visits, time on the page, conversion, browser, country, etc.) and thus improve the services, such as writing more articles that are valued. Famtofam does not share this information with third parties. See the Google Analytics settings for sharing data from Famtofam.nl:
    Famtofam has concluded an agreement with Google as data processor according to the GDPR.
    Collected data is not shared with third parties.
    Data at user and event level are also stored by Google Analytics. Think of IDs with which you as a person can be traced. These are in particular DoubleClick cookies, Advertising ID of Android, Identifier for Advertisers from Apple. Under the GDPR this can no longer be stored indefinitely. On April 12, 2018, as a website administrator with Google Analytics, you have the option to set this ‘data retention’.
    Famtofam has data retention in the shortest possible time (14 months)
    In a new activity by the same ID, this period is not reset. That means: personal data in Google Analytics is always deleted after 14 months.
    Our starting point with Google Analytics is that we gain insight into click behavior on main lines. We do not want to know at person level what someone is doing on the site. We do everything we can to stop collecting and analyzing data at that level.

    Are you logged in to Google or Facebook (which everyone does by default) and do you visit a website that registers it? Then you can then be approached on other websites.
    Famtofam does not do this remarketing.

    Famtofam uses WordPress and forms. That means that if you make a contact request, your contact details will be registered in WordPress. The goal is to contact you. The website builder has access to WordPress, but only the website builder can view the forms.
    Forms we clean once a year.


    Newsletter – never spam and you can always unsubscribe
    Famtofam actively collects email addresses for the newsletter. Do you receive the Famtofam newsletter and do you think you did not register for it? You have the following option:
    Sign out. Send an email to info@famtofam.nl

    Famtofam, like many other organizations, uses the following services where personal data can be stored. That sounds fadier than we want, but we are just a user here. We do not actively collect personal data and can only report that we use it:
    Mollie: payment options.

    In addition, we use a CRM system (database) in which data is kept of both our relations in the Netherlands and in Armenia. From people who support us financially (donors), from people who have given us an authorization (in accordance with the SEPA guidelines), from people who have concluded an Agreement with us.

    Reporting duty data leaks
    Famtofam knows the obligation to report data leaks. Are personal data missing or lost? Then we report this to the Dutch Data Protection Authority. In the event of a serious data breach or danger for the persons behind it, we must also inform the relevant persons directly.
    On May 1st 2018 there were no data leaks at Famtofam (as far as we can judge).

    Do you have further questions or suggestions? Please contact us (info@famtofam.nl).