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  • Include in a will

    Include in a will

    Do you share our aim to offer children more chances for a better future ? And do you wish to support Famtofam in a special way? By including Famtofam in your will you can make a big difference in the lives of others.

    What is the procedure?

    By including your wishes in a will, you remain in control of how your estate is divided. It may also ease your mind to know that things are taken care of properly. You may leave a legacy to Famtofam ( an amount of money or a certain asset) or appoint heir (a percentage of your property) All this is done by a solicitor.

    Information for a solicitor

    Your solicitor needs this information in order to include Famtofam in your will:
    Foundation Famtofam, based in Kollum, postal address ’t Hôf 57, 9261 VS, Eastermar,
    entered in the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce, under number:01092383