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  • Take action

    We would love it when you set up an action for Famtofam. Various actions have been carried out in the past. Here are some examples which might interest you:

    • Set up a potato action. Go and pick up potatoes from an arable farmer. After selling, sorting and packing these potatoes can be sold.
    • Organize a fancy fair at school.
    • Go knit clothes such as scarves and hats that you sell yourself or by Famtofam (or send to the children in Armenia).
    • Make special bottles of “Famtofam” wine and sell them eg on a (Christmas) market.
    • Have staff members choose between getting a Christmas package or by giving the available budget to Famtofam.
    • Are you a sporty person? Push your limits and use your endurance and perseverance to participate in a sponsored run, marathon of cycling tour.
    • Put your baking, singing, playing or acting talents in demand or ask for donations instead of gifts for a birthday, anniversary of a more special occasion.

    Comment: For examples of held activities, please check out Activities/Projects

    Want to know more, or participate? Please contact our board member PR & Communication Dhr. Elle Hoekstra on +31611347752. Of course you can send him an email at communicatie@famtofam.nl