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  • Canadians save money for Armenian children.

    Our son lives with his family in Beamsville (Canada). This family has been sponsoring 2 children in Armenia for a few years. The family also has 2 children: Faith (11 years old) and Sam (9 years old). Their families regularly pay attention to the poor situation of the Armenian children. Not only to help there but also to make the children in Canada aware of their own prosperity and to realize that there are other children who need our help. It is not only about words. A special piggy bank has been set up in which the children occasionally save (extra) money for the 2 Armenian children. In the past few weeks our Canadian family was on holiday in Eastermar with us. A party for all of us. But also a little for the two sponsored children in Armenia. Faith and Sam had taken their saved Canadian dollars (140 in total) with them. They have “officially” handed this over to a “proud pake” who will ensure that each of these 2 children receives an additional € 50. Naturally, I thanked the children for their involvement and commitment to the poor Armenian children. This thanks was then further emphasized by an “official thanks email” from our chairman.   Elle Hoekstra PR & Communication Famtofam