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  • FAQ

    Can I support a child older than 18?

    In principle, sponsoring ends as soon as children reach the age of 18. In case a child continues its studies afterwards, there is a possibility to extend sponsoring. If a child starts to do something else(e.g military service) the advice is given to stop sponsoring followed by a request to sponsor another child. In grave situations the advice may be given to continue sponsoring the child even beyond the age of 18. The sponsor’s choice is respected as much as possible.

    Can I send mail to a child I sponsor in Armenia?

    We discourage this. The official language in Armenia is Armenia and Russian. English is not as established as elsewhere in Europe. There is every chance are that your mail cannot be read.

    Can I send a parcel to Armenia?

    We discourage this. There is a risk in sending a parcel. There is a slight chance that it arrives well. Moreover, sending a parcel is rather expensive.

    How do I go about gathering information about a child I sponsor?

    Each child is paid a visit once a year and you will receive information about this. Should this not be sufficent or is information lacking, then you can send an email to info@famtofam.nl. Please specify the information you wish.

    How can I stop sponsoring?

    You can send an email to ledenadministratie@famtofam.nl.

    I wish to sponsor an extra child. How do I go about this?

    By filling out the application form “Change donation” on the website.

    Is it possible to send an email to the child I sponsor?

    No. All our children do not have a computer at home or are not on the internet. Moreover, they communicate in Armenian. They have no command of English yet.